Historic Camden Foundation would like to thank his Excellency, George Washington, for spending the 2nd weekend in May with us.

The Historic Camden Campus is a combination of living history, historic preservation, and museum exhibits. The Revolutionary War Visitors Center, the Colonial Artisan Market, McCaa’s Tavern,and the Nature Trail are free to the public. We do ask for a small donation to visit the historic homes and living history portion of the campus. We also provided guide battlefield tours.


The 18th century was a turbulent period in British history creating unimaginable change. With the Agricultural Revolution giving birth to the Industrial Revolution. Global European colonization which in part involved millions of enslaved being shipped to plantations in the Caribbean and Americas. And the second half of the enlightenment which led to radical ideas like self-governance and the American Revolution.

Historic Camden is unique in that it is truly a microcosm of the 2nd half of the turbulent 18th century like no other town in the southern colonials. It’s people free and enslaved saw, felt, and at times paid dearly for the unimaginable change brought by global colonization, and the Agricultural, Industrial and American Revolutions.



Camden SC is the perfect distention to base your exploration of Colonial South Carolina and the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution.

The Visitor Center is a state of the art museum telling the story of South Carolina’s pivotal role in the American Revolution.

We have the honor of owning the hallowed ground where the Battle of Camden was fought and the occupying British garrison was located.

We take great pride in our highly skilled living history trade program. Our team is currently building a Drill Plough and wood-fired Bottle Kiln.

Historic Camden Foundation and the Kershaw County Historical Society have been the stewards of Camden’s historic preservation for over 50-years.

We lead numerous educational programs at Historic Camden ranging from simple guided tours to hands on workshops and symposiums.