Living history gives visitors a chance to see history come to life. Ever wondered how 18th century cooking utensils were made stop by our iron forge and ask the blacksmith. Curious about what food they eat in the 18th century with those utensils stop by the farm and they can tell you all about the heritage fruits, vegetables and animals they grow and manage. At the farm they can also tell you about the cash crops they raze like flex that they process, spin and weave into fabric to make homespun clothing.

Restoration of Drakeford House

One of our upcoming projects is the restoration of the Drakeford House. This historic structure will go through an extensive exterior wall restoration of its hand hewn timber. The house will be disassembled and the damaged timbers will be repaired or replaced by a team of timber framers from the American College of the Building Arts led by Philip Hultgren.

Homestead Garden

In the spring of 2022 as part of our living history program we will be expanding the Quaker Homestead Garden next to the Drakeford House. The expanded garden will included an exhibit area of Camden’s early cash crops. The Farmhouse Garden at HC will be a community project.

Animals of the Farm

Our farm is growing, and one of the most crucial aspects of any farm is its animals. We currently have Dominique chickens, which we were originally brought to America by settlers from southern England. We also have bees, which produce honey that we will be able to collect and offer in our market. We are planning to introduce a mule and hog in the coming months.

Artisan Market

Historic Camden is happy to provide visitors with a place for fresh produce, flowers and artisan items. Certified as a SC Roadside Market, this space will offer a variety of fresh produce from our farm & garden throughout the year.


The Historic Camden Foundation is not state or federally funded so we relay on individual donations. Even a small donation truly helps. So please send a gift and make a difference!