Historic Camden is proudly leading the way in working to preserve the hallowed grounds of the Battle of Camden. We are working with the SC Battleground Preservation Trust to ensure that this landmark of the American Revolution is properly preserved and presented as a place for visitors to learn about the battle that took place and the soldiers involved.

Occupied Camden

After laying siege to Charlestowne in May of 1780 (Charleston) the British would set their sights on the backcountry town of Camden. The town had a significant loyalist population and would be easily taken by Cornwallis and his troops. The British would erect six redoubts, a regional hospital, fight two key battles and ultimately destroy the town before evacuating nearly a year later.

Battle of Camden

Around 2am on the morning of August 16th, 1780 the British Army, led by Lord Charles Cornwallis, would clash with American forces led by General Horatio Gates. What would ensue would become one of the most crucial battles of the entire Revolution. Gates’ misplacement of troops and inexperienced militia would play a key role in the American defeat. The battle was brutal and the aftermath saw the British left with dozens of casualties and nearly 250 wounded, while the Americans counted casualties and wounded over 1,000.

Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill

Sometimes referred to as the “Second Battle of Camden,” this battle is typically viewed as a tactical victory for the British and a strategic victory for the Americans. Around 9am, on the morning of April 25th, 1781 the British, led by Lord Rawdon, left the safety of fortified Camden and engaged General Nathanael Greene and the American forces at Hobkirk Hill. After a brief but intense battle, Greene would order a retreat. The Americans suffered nearly 20 casualties and over 100 wounded, while the British suffered double those numbers. American forces continued to hold camp in the region, forcing Rawdon to evacuate the British Army to Moncks Corner.


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