Historic Camden is a private, 501(c)3 non profit organization with a mission a to protect, educate and celebrate Camden’s extraordinary Colonial and American Revolutionary War history. As stewards of history it is vital that we strive to preserve and present history.

Living History

We offer a host of opportunities for visitors to see living history in action. We currently offer an open house style program on the second Saturday of each month that allows visitors to engage history through blacksmithing, pottery, agricultural, brickmaking demonstrations and more. These opportunities aren’t exclusive to the Second Saturday program, and visitors are encouraged to check our calendar regularly to learn about further opportunities to engage with living history.

Historic Trades

Historic Camden is proud to offer visitors opportunities to see colonial tradespeople at work. With a kitchen house garden, pottworks, and forge, visitors can witness farmers, blacksmiths, and potters plying their trade through living history demonstrations.

Historic Preservation

We are always striving to preserve history in a variety of ways, including living history demonstrations, special programs, and guided tours. One of our greatest treasures is our collection of artifacts and historic structures, which are invaluable and we proudly share them with visitors each day.


At Historic Camden we are proud to serve as stewards to history, in a multitude of ways. We operate and maintain two campuses. The Broad Street campus is home to a host of historic buildings and artifacts, which require constant care and attention. The battlefield is hallowed ground, which is open to the public and home to a Longleaf Pine Preserve and thriving ecosystem.

Educational Facilitators

At Historic Camden education isn’t just part of our daily routine, it’s in our mission statement. In order to protect, educate and celebrate Camden’s extraordinary Colonial and American Revolutionary War history it is vital that we offer learning opportunities. In addition to our regular guided tours, we offer school tours that will continue to grow and further incorporate historic trades, occupations, and colonial life.


The Historic Camden Foundation is not state or federally funded so we relay on individual donations. Even a small donation truly helps. So please send a gift and make a difference!