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Restoration of Drakeford House

Starting in the late spring the Drakeford house at Historic Camden is going to go through and extensive exterior wall restoration of it handed hewn timber. The house will be disassembled and the damaged timbers will be repaired or replaced by a team of timber framers from the American College of the Building Arts led by Philip Hultgren.

Homestead Garden

In the spring of 2022 as part of our living history program we will be expanding the Quaker Homestead Garden next to the Drakeford House. The expanded garden will included an exhibit area of Camden’s early cash crops. The Farmhouse Garden at HC will be a community project.

Cash Crop Processing

In the fall we will be demonstrating the processing of Camden’s early cash crops like turning hemp into rope and flax into linseed oil and linen.


The Historic Camden Foundation is not state or federally funded so we relay on individual donations. Even a small donation truly helps. So please send a gift and make a difference!