Historic Camden is working to bring visitors a variety of ways in which they can engage with history. The iron forge is now operating on a regular basis, with blacksmiths demonstrating during each month’s open house. The forge is also host to the annual meeting of the Philip Simmons Blacksmith Guild each August.

Historic Camden Iron Forge

When exploring the site visitors will see an ironworks forge. This reproduction is designed and built in the style of early 19th century forges found in America. Blacksmiths can be found plying their trade in our forge on the second Saturday of each month during our open house.

Ely Kershaw’s Sword

In the Fall of 2021 Historic Camden began displaying the 1774 sword of Ely Kershaw, Joseph’s younger brother. The sword was a loaned piece so we sought the skill of a blacksmith to create a replica for our collection. Calvin Duke, a student at the American College of the Building Arts took on the project as his capstone piece, which was completed and added to our collection in May of 2022.

Utilitarian Tools

Blacksmithing was one of early America’s most vital occupations. Possessing a skillset that allowed for the manipulation of iron, blacksmiths were highly sought after by many members of society. Need a door hinge? Visit a blacksmith. Need some eating utensils? Stop by your local blacksmith’s shop. Nails, sewing needles, knives, fireplace poker? Try a blacksmith. The list of items a blacksmith could make was extensive.


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