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    Sickness & Survival: Kershaw House gains new medical exhibit

    July 27, 2021
    In commemoration of the 241st Anniversary of the Battle of Camden, August 16, 1780, Historic Camden Foundation will be opening its new exhibit on medical practices and disease during colonial and Revolutionary War era Camden. Entitled Sickness and Survival this story, sponsored by BCBS, discusses South Carolinians health and effects of disease on both the … read more

    The Battle of Camden Archaeology Project

    April 8, 2021
    The Battle of Camden Archaeology Project Historic Camden Foundation is pleased to have Steven D. Smith, Director of SCIAA and Research Professor to update progress on the Battle of Camden project. Steve’s impressive background includes studies and books on historic period settlement at military installations like Fort Polk, Fort Leonard Wood, and Camp Atterbury, Indiana. … read more

    Luck Stone Partnership

    February 16, 2021
    DO YOU KNOW? Luck Stone states that its mission is to “ignite human potential through Values Based Leadership and positively impact the lives of others around the world.” “When we bring a new site into our company, our associates become a part of that community, and that community becomes a part of us,” said John … read more


    October 14, 2020
    By: Virginia Zemp – Executive Director of the Historic Camden Foundation AN ECONOMIC FORCE FOR CAMDEN: HIGHLIGHTING THE SOUTHERN CAMPAIGN OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION It is critical that Historic Camden remains strong to participate in the new Revolutionary War Visitors’ Center at Camden, set to open in the spring of 2021.  The focus of the … read more

    Historic Camden: Commemorating the 240th Anniversary of the Battle of Camden

    September 24, 2020
    During this past year, you have been walking and reading with me on a journey through stories of Camden’s colonial backcountry settlement, the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution and the Kershaw House as the 1780 British Forward Operating Base. On August 15, 2020 our RevWar Days commemorated both the Battle that took place in … read more

    Celebrate 50 years with the Historic Camden Foundation!

    September 9, 2020
    Collaborating with the SC Liberty Trail partners, Historic Camden Foundation will provide a living history journey through the Southern Campaign supported by historically related exhibits and demonstrations. Activities will be held outdoors and adhere to governmental restrictions for distancing and face covering.  Join the Historic Camden Foundation on November 7, 2020, from 10 am to 4 pm … read more

    The Colonial Catawba of the Carolinas

    August 29, 2020
    South Carolina’s Native American history is one that is rich, vast and reaches back in time thousands of years. One of the most prominent tribes is the Catawba (yeh is-WAH h’reh or “people of the river”), who have lived along the Catawba River for roughly 6,000 years. In 1540, Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto passed … read more

    Historic Camden Happenings

    August 29, 2020
    By: Virginia Zemp – Executive Director The “New Normal” we are all experiencing has changed everything we do this year and will impact our plans for the near future. Preparing for the Visitor Center, Historic Camden Foundation had already started to make some exciting changes to share our colonial history and create a greater appreciation … read more

    A Staff Ride

    March 25, 2020
    **The following letter (bold/italicized) accompanies the article that follows** Department of the Army UNITED STATES ARMY CENTRAL  1 GABRESKI DRIVE SHAW AIR FORCE BASE, SC 29152 Staff Ride Participants Welcome to USARCENT’s Battle of Camden Staff Ride. This will be a terrific day as we all walk some hallowed and sacred ground. We will have … read more

    Camden’s Roots: A Look Back At The Earliest Years

    March 11, 2020
    By Lance Player Staff Member – Historic Camden Many people are aware of Kershaw County’s vast and significant history, but what they may not know is how far back that history actually extends. Camden is often cited for its pivotal role in America’s infancy, playing host to a variety of key events. In 1730, upon the … read more

    Preserving Camden Connections

    March 1, 2020
    By Virginia Zemp Executive Director – Historic Camden DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE: When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature … read more

    HCF Is Vested In The Battle Of Camden Site and City Of Camden Visitors Center

    March 1, 2020
    By Virginia Zemp Executive Director – Historic Camden DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE: We mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor… HCF IS VESTED IN THE BATTLE OF CAMDEN SITE and CITY OF CAMDEN VISITORS CENTER Doug Bostick is the Executive Director of the South Carolina Battleground Trust. He has worked … read more

    Recollections Add Depth To History

    March 1, 2020
    By Virginia Zemp Executive Director – Historic Camden RECOLLECTIONS ADD DEPTH TO HISTORY Scholars study archival records to develop the history of an event or place.  In South Carolina, we are fortunate to have saved, preserved and made accessible an immense number of records- government, corporate and personal! These records provide details which ultimately are … read more

    Historic Camden: 50 years of Preservation, Education and Celebration!

    February 12, 2020
    By Lance Player Staff Member – Historic Camden We are happy to introduce to you our new blog, which will discuss a variety of topics and helps us usher into a new era as we celebrate fifty years of preservation, education and celebration. For fifty years Historic Camden has played a vital role in preserving … read more